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Скачать мод minetest minetoon и людмила николаева 2010 не догорай

Мод minetest minetoon

Dec 31, 2015 A lot of Minetest texture packs only support the default game mods and of those texture packs, several, like the Minetoon texture pack, have not. Dec 8, 2011 Minetest-c55 is one of the first InfiniMiner/Minecraft(/whatever) inspired games ( started October 2010), with a goal of taking the survival. Dec 24, 2012 IRC LOG for channel #minetest. 02:36, VanessaE, one mese crystal + one gold ingot = 9 Minetoon Pence or whatever you called. Apr 11, 2013 Popular texture packs: HDX by VanessaE. Minetoon by Gambit. Sphax TestBDCraft by ashenk69 and Sphax. PixelBOX by Gambit.

Still working out the tools, player, and mobs, so expect those later. So far I'll hand out the rest of the texture. Now for snapshots of the textures. Jun 24, 2012 The default texture pack (left), vs MineToon (right) All versions of Minetest support custom textures with use of the texture_path command, but.

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